Monthly Rainfall Summary - National Meteorological Service of Belize
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 April 2018 |  Print Report

Monthly rainfall and temperature summaries are prepared by the climate section of the National Meteorological Service of Belize. The NMS of Belize maintains a network of over 25 weather stations that are situated primarily in the agricultural regions of the country.  Temperature and rainfall are read at 9am each morning and the rainfall total read at this time represents the accumulated rainfall for the previous day.

The rainfall summary for April 2018 shows that rainfall amounts were generally above normal over the country with some areas seeing rainfall over 100% above normal.  However, there were areas where rainfall was below normal such as in Belize City, the Phillip Goldson International Aiport and the Savannah area in the south.  The main weather system that produced the rainfall during April 2018 was a cold front with significant pre-frontal rainfall during the middle of the month. Another cold front apporached at the end of the month. Although this second front did not cross it produced signifcant prefrontal weather with strong to severe thunderstorm and hail over some areas in the interior of the country. Notably maximum temperatures were below normal over most areas with only a few exceptions.  A similar pattern was observed with the nighttime minimum temperatures during the month.  The graph and maps below show the rainfall  totals and temperature observed at some key stations and how these compare to the normal for the month of April.

Monthly Rainfall Summary

Forecaster: Gordon, Ronald

Last Updated: Fri, May 11, 2018 | 03:12 PM