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Monthly Weather Summary



September 2015


September 1, 2015 was a warm and mostly dry day.  Showers and thunderstorms were generally isolated.  This trend continued for another two days.

On the fourth, there was an increase in low-level moisture  over the area.  As a result, the country experienced some showers  and thunderstorms.  This decreased the following day.  However, the south continued to experience some showers and thunderstorms that same night.  This was the trend for the next six days. Daytimes saw warm temperatures and isolated showers or thunderstorms.  Nighttimes  saw a few showers and thunderstorms over the south of the country.

The eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth saw warm temperatures and isolated shower activity.  The fourteenth to the sixteenth saw more shower activity, but mostly over the south.

The following two days saw warm temperatures  and isolated shower activity.

Moisture increased on the nineteenth and showers and thunderstorms also increased across the country.  This continued through to the twenty-second. The following day, a trough of low pressure developed over the Southwest Caribbean and moved over Belize. This further supported showers and thunderstorms across the country, but more so over coastal areas. This continued through to the twenty-sixth.  Showers moved from south to north of the country; the path of the trough. On the twenty-sixth, the trough moved into the Gulf of Mexico, carrying much of the moisture from over Belize.

From the twenty-sixth to the end of the month, only isolated showers or thunderstorms were observed around the country.

Rainfall data obtained shows the normal pattern of rainfall, increasing from north to south.  Amounts ranged from 106 millimetres in the north to 404 millimetres in the south.  Generally speaking, this indicates  below normal rainfall for the month of September at key stations around the  country.