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Monthly Weather Summary






March 2014

            The month of march in Belize is the first of the “Dry Season” .  It is marked by little rainfall, passages of cold fronts, warm temperatures and strong, gusty southeasterly winds.  March 2014 was no exception.  The first five days were generally fair with only isolated showers.  On the sixth day, pre-frontal activity supported a few showers and isolated thunderstorms moving from north to south.  A swift passage of the associated cold front followed that same night.

            From the seventh to part of the twelfth, fair weather prevailed with very little rainfall.  Near the end of that day, into the thirteenth, pre-frontal activity again supported a few showers and isolated thunderstorms, but mainly along the coast. The trailing cold front only made it to Northern Belize, where it stalled, supporting a few more showers and isolated thunderstorms over central areas of the country.

            Conditions improved on the fifteenth through to the seventeenth.  On the seventeenth night however, pre-frontal activity once again supported a few showers and isolated thunderstorms.  The fast moving cold front swept across Belize on the same night and established itself well east of Belize on the eighteenth morning.

            From the eighteenth to the end of the month, fair, mostly dry and windy conditions affected the country.  Cold fronts reached as far as Yucatan, but had no reaching effects on Belize.

            In conclusion, three cold fronts directly affected Belize during March 2014.  Two made clean passages, while one stalled just over north of the country.  These were the features which produced the rainfall for this month.  Data shows that over all, rainfall averages were below  normal, while  temperatures, both maximum and minimum were above normal.