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Monthly Weather Summary



January 2017


January 2017 started out with beautiful weather. For the first three days, a dry south-easterly flow prevail, which supported little or no rainfall. On the fourth day, only isolated showers were observed, followed by the fifth and sixth, experiencing fair conditions.


On the seventh, the country experienced pre-frontal activity. Showers and thundershowers were observed, followed by the passage of a cold front.  The eight day met dry and gusty conditions. Wind speeds ranged between fifteen and thirty knots.  On the ninth, wind speeds abated, but dry conditions continued. However, a few showers were observed around the country during the night.


From the tenth through to the seventeenth, a series of high pressure ridges traversed the Gulf of Mexico and the Northwest Caribbean Sea.  These supported and maintained a relatively moist north-easterly flow across Belize. The country experienced light showers each and every day during this period.


Conditions changed with the onset of a dry east to south-easterly flow from the eighteenth to the twenty-first. Once again, fair conditions prevailed with little or no rainfall.


On the twenty-second night, another cold front crossed the country. This time, pre-frontal activity was minimal. Only the Corozal District experienced light isolated showers.


From the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh, fair, cool and dry conditions prevailed. The twenty-eight was met with isolated showers , followed by a few showers on the twenty-ninth, with the passage of a third cold front. The thirtieth was dry and windy, while the last day was cool and dry.


In conclusion, observation showed three cold fronts crossed Belize during January, 2017. Only the first was accompanied by a few thundershowers. Rainfall data collected indicated that rainfall for this month  was below normal. 


monthly summary 2017


Station   Total January 2017   Normal
Libertad 47.3 59.4
Towerhill 35.4 72.4
Airport 71.7 98.3
Belmopan 82.8 125
Central Farm 87.7 115.6
Spanish Lookout 54.6 93.4
Melinda 120.4 157.9
Pomona 70.9 162.7
Savannah 119.7 135.7