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Monthly Weather Summary



July 2016

Six, mostly weak, tropical waves crossed the country during the month of July 2016, and rainfall was below average, except over the extreme south. Some stations in the north received only one third of their normal rain for the month, while Punta Gorda received about one quarter more than normal.

The month started with a few showers and thunderstorms over southern districts, which became isolated the next day as moisture levels decreased over our area. A moderate easterly surface flow prevailed along with a neutral upper level pattern.  A weak tropical wave then supported a few light showers and isolated thunderstorms over most areas on the 3rd, then mainly over northern districts on the 4th. The next two days were generally fair, with a few showers and thunderstorms continuing over the south, especially at night, as moisture levels remained high over the south, and the upper pattern being weakly divergent with an anticyclone to the east.

Another weak tropical wave resulted in a few showers and brief thunderstorms over most areas during the day of the 7th, which continued over the south during the night. Winds were gusty and the low level pattern convergent. Rainfall over the Toledo district totalled four to five inches for the 7th. The weather returned to mainly fair with isolated shower activity the next four days (8th-11th), except for the south where a few showers and thunderstorms continued mostly at night. Southern Toledo averaged one inch of rain per day (night). These southern showers continued into the morning on the 10th and 11th. A surface ridge over the northern Gulf of Mexico maintained the moderate easterly airflow over our area.

The 12th saw a few showers and thunderstorms over most areas as a weak tropical wave moved across the country. A weakly divergent upper pattern supported these showers. Rainfall was less than one inch at most stations. During the next four days (13th-16th) the weather was mainly fair with isolated showers and thunderstorms, except for the south again at night. Punta Gorda recorded three and one half inches of rain on the 16th. A light east to east-northeast surface airflow prevailed on those days along with relatively low moisture and a neutral upper pattern. Showers and thunderstorms then increased mainly over the south and central areas on the 17th and continued to the 19th when another tropical wave crossed the country. One to two inches of rain was recorded over central portions of the country. The rains decreased by the next afternoon, and mainly fair weather prevailed on the 21st and 22nd, except again over the south during the night-time hours.

Another weak tropical wave produced a slight to moderate increase in rainfall and resulted in few showers and thunderstorms over most areas on the 23rd. The weather then returned to mainly fair the next four days (24th -27th) with showers during the morning of the 26th and over the south most nights. Punta Gorda continued to receive two to four inches of rain per day (night). The surface flow was generally easterly and moderate, while the upper pattern neutral to weakly divergent with an inverted trof axis from Nicaragua to central Cuba. A few showers and thunderstorms developed over the interior on the 28th, mainly due to heating and increasing moisture. Another tropical wave supported showers and thunderstorms over most areas on the 29th, with the extreme south seeing almost four inches of rain and generally less than one inch elsewhere. Fair and mainly dry weather prevailed the next day, with a slight increase in showers and thunderstorms coming on the last day of the month.