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 Some Hydrological Instruments


Claudio Pics 159astyleM small

STAFF GAGE - used for a quick visual indication of the surface level in rivers, streams, lagoons, reservoirs, etc.


Style M is a metric gage.  It is divided into centimetres with each decimeter numbered. Seperate number plates are used to show elevation.



FLOW METER - The Valeport 'Braystoke' Model 001 and Model 002 flow meters provide a reliable method of monitoring flow in a variety of environments, including salt, fresh and effluent water, from shallow streams to tidal waterways.  


The meters benefit from the design of the impeller bearings, which give low threshold velocity and consistent performance.



CURRENT METER - instruments designed to measure the velocity of moving water in a river in order to determine its discharge, also referred to as streamflow.  


Notice how the current meter resembles an anemometer that meteorologist use to measure the speed of the air (wind), another fluid.  Each rotation of the cups results in an audible click which is counted by the observer over some predetermined time.  A series of velocity measurements is made across a stream.  The location of these measurements across the stream is determined with a tagline, i.e., non-stretching measureing tape, usually made of fiberglass.





WATER QUALITY SONDE - Water quality instrumentation for simultaneously measuring up to 13 different parameters: pH, temperature, dissolve oxygen, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, total dissolve solids (TDS), water depth, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), seawater specific gravity and up to three specific ions.


The water quality instrumentation makes it easy to get highly reliable water quality data simply and quickly just by submersing the sensor in the water. Its instrumentation is water resistant, so it can be used safely even in the rain.


tippingbuckettippingbucket inside

TIPPING BUCKET RAINGAGE - measures the character and amount of liquid precipitation.  Determines rain rate.