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National Meteorological Service of Belize


Climate Section


Monthly Rainfall Summary for December 2014




Rainfall summaries are prepared by the Climate Section of the National Meteorological Service of Belize. The meteorological service maintains a network of over 25 rainfall stations that are situated across the country mainly in agriculture area. Rainfall is read at 9:00am each morning and this represents the rainfall for the previous 24hours.




Climatologically, December is the first month of the transition period from wet season to the the dry season. The main weather systems that usually impacts the country are cold fronts, upper level troughs and surface troughs. These systems at times can produced sysnificant amounts  of rainfall over the country. In December 2014 two cold fronts and surface trough crossed the country. The rainfall that occured from these systems impacted the north of the country. Data collected from the stations in the north showed that the rainfall was above normal, the rest country all received below normal rainfall, as indicated in the Graph 1 below. 




Table 1: Shows the monthly rainfall (mm) for December 2014 along with the Normal for December.



Station Total December2014 Normal (1981-2010) % of Normal
Libertad 88.5 69.2 127.9
Towerhill 79.6 69.9 113.9
La Milpa 170.2 61.2 278.1
Airport 87.5 114.6 76.3
ST.Johns 72.6 180.9 40.1
Belmopan 96.3 143.9 66.9
Central Farm 77.4 124.3 62.3
Pomona 95.6 181.3 52.7
Melinda 117.5 150.8 77.9
Spanish Lookout 70.9 113.2 62.6
Savannah    83.6 147.9 56.5
Big Falls Plantation 71.9 171.3 41.9
Punta Gorda  103.1 198 52.1



Assessment of the country monthly average rainfall for Decmber 2014  showed that stations in the north of the country  received  Above normal rainfall  and Below normal over the rest of the country.  Highest monthly total was recorded at La Milpa (Rio Bravo)  (170.2mm or 278. 1%) of the normal.  The lowest monthly total was at Spanish Lookout (70.9mm or 62.6%) of the normal.

Next rainfall summary will be issued in the first week of Febraury 2014.





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