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National Meteorological Service of Belize


Climate Section


Monthly Rainfall Summary for December 2015




Rainfall summaries are prepared by the Climate Section of the National Meteorological Service of Belize. The meteorological service maintains a network of over 25 rainfall stations that are situated across the country mainly in agriculture area. Rainfall is read at 9:00am each morning and this represents the rainfall for the previous 24hours.


Climatology in the month of December the  main features influencing weather across the country of Belize are cold fronts, upper level troughs and the development of a moist northeasterly airflows on the  area. There were no frontal passage in December of 2015.  However, a couple fronts stalled over or just north of the country resulting in relatively moist conditions over the country. 

Rainfall observation from across the country showed the range of rainfall recieved varied across the country as indicated the graph and maps below. The north of the country the rainfall was above normal and this have casued the drought situation to Easy Off thus resulting in No Drought Concern for the entire country thru March of 2016. 





dec 2015 obs rainfalldec 2015 obs rainfall percent




The next rainfall summary will be out in the first week of February 2016





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