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Belize Weather Summary 2015

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Although Belize did not experience any tropical cyclone in 2015, the country was hit by both drought and flooding. The extreme drought of 2015 caused millions of dollars in losses to the agriculture industry. The main impact of the drought was felt in the northern and western parts of the country. Flooding in 2015 also resulted in millions of dollars lost to infrastructure and crop industry. Although the global temperature was at record high, the mean temperature for the country of Belize remained normal, in spite that the Philip Goldson International Airport  and the Capital Belmopan recorded the highest average temperature in their records. 



In 2015, observation records from rainfall stations situated across the country showed that the first three months of the year (January-February-March) the rainfall were above normal as indicated by Graph 1 below.




The month of April showed that the extreme north and inland areas of the country received below normal rainfall. This pattern of below normal rainfall continued over these areas through to the end of 2015 dry season as seen in Graphs 2 and 3.


april 2015





June first is the start of the wet season in Belize. The main weather features during this season are tropical systems which are usually in the form of tropical waves that traverse the country. The first four months of the wet season, rainfall remained well below normal over the north and west of the country as shown in in Graphs 4 and 5. The station situated in the extreme north of the country (Libertad Corozal District) in the month of July received the lowest monthly rainfall total on record in the data set. A total 16.0 mm was recorded. These below normal rainfall in the north and inland areas of the country resulted in millions of dollars lost in the agriculture industry due to extreme drought that developed. The main system that gave way to the below normal rainfall in the wet season of 2015 was El Nino. This phenomenon which is an abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean, has effects on the global circulation patterns. The strong El Niño event prevented the tropical waves and tropical systems from developing during the Atlantic Basin hurricane season which is also the wet season in Belize.











In October, a low pressure system that develop in the Bay of Honduras crossed the country and produced significant amount of rainfall that resulted in wide spread flooding over some parts of the country, specifically Belize City and north of the country, as indicated in Graph 6 and the pictures below. In November and December, moisture levels remained high over Belize and this resulted in most of the stations receiving rainfall above their normal.











The overall rainfall pattern for 2015 shows that the country received normal to below normal in the north, northwest and along southern coastal areas of the country. The rest of the country received normal to above rainfall as indicated in the maps below.

2015 rainfall obs2015 obs rainfall percent